RPMDA Convention Registration Now Open!

Welcome to the Retail Print Music Dealers Association!

Our association represents retailers, publishers, and distributors who share a passion for the print music industry.  We invite you to become a member of RPMDA to stay informed about current trends and industry challenges, and to enjoy the many benefits of membership.

Our website and facebook pages are a great way to stay connected throughout the year, and our annual convention provides face-to-face opportunities for in-depth discussions and problem-solving. During the convention, members reap the benefits of continuing professional development in a wide number of areas – purchasing, inventory control, finance, management, community outreach, lessons programs, and much more.  Although many of our sessions are print music focused, their lessons are easily applied to all areas of our businesses.IMG_5854

The 2014 convention will be held in Dallas, TX at the beautiful Westin/Galleria from April 30-May 3.  We are excited to introduce our new program format for Dallas, which will feature sessions targeted for the novice print music employees, the print buyers or managers, and the owners or general managers.  With no repeated presentations, you will return home with a wealth of information and plenty of new ideas to implement in your business immediately.

RPMDA is a group like no other when it comes to idea sharing and the nurturing of lifelong business and personal relationships.  Our members consider this organization to be a “second family”, a constant support for nearly all of their business needs, and one of the best investments they could ever make.  Join us and you’ll understand why!


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