DorothyRPMDA’s Dorothy Award

The “Dorothy” Award was named for Dorothy Hutchinson, former executive secretary/treasurer and charter member of RPMDA. During her too-brief life, she epitomized the finest that our industry has to offer, and had in abundance the attributes that print music dealers and publishers all aspire to. Dorothy served her community and music education, she was an active participant in promoting good dealer/publisher relations, and was an ethical businessperson who generously shared information with her fellow dealers. Her examples of hard work and high standards make the “Dorothy” Award RPMDA’s highest honor.

2014 Dorothy Award Honoree

FrankFrank Hackinson, FJH Music

Recipient of the prestigious 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Music Publishers Association (MPA), Frank J. Hackinson is one of the most recognized and respected names in the music publishing industry. Frank has transformed the world of music education, and personally guided its evolution through his vast experience in print music publishing and licensing. His proven leadership acumen stands testament to his success, and his initials, F.J.H., have come to symbolize today’s new standard of excellence, to which teachers and students have turned in ever increasing numbers.

Frank’s career in the music business began in the 50’s when he signed on with Charles Hansen. Throughout his tenure at Hansen, Frank worked with hundreds of the profession’s top artists, producers and publishers, and was ultimately responsible for signing The Beatles to their first print music contract in the United States. So dominant was Hansen’s market position that they once controlled the print rights for 99 of the 100 songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart.

Frank went on to establish Columbia Pictures Publications (CPP) in 1971. Over the years, CPP held the print music rights to the popular music industry’s most notable artists, including: The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Carole King, Henry Mancini, Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, and Chicago, to name a few. In 1983 he guided CPP’s acquisition of the publisher’s share of the print rights vested in the copyrights contained within the Big 3 catalog (Robbins, Feist and Miller), an industry first! As a result, and with his further acquisition of Studio P/R, Columbia Pictures Publications soon established itself in the educational print music market, and later came to be defined as the premier publisher of educational music in its time with the acquisition of Belwin-Mills Publishing Corporation. The company eventually became known as CPP/Belwin and employed more than 250 people.

In 1988, Frank and his wife Gail founded The FJH Music Company Inc. and began to build one of the nation’s most exciting, best-selling educational print music catalogs. This remarkable catalog has raised the level of music education to new heights, with a variety of innovative instructional materials and original music by many outstanding writers and composers. Their children, Kevin, Kyle, and Kerry, have been with the company since its inception.

Innovation, quality, forethought and determination have all been integral parts of Frank J. Hackinson’s long career—hallmarks found in each and every FJH publication, from concept to print. Under his experienced leadership, The FJH Music Company will continue to set new standards in educational piano, band, string orchestra, and guitar publications.

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RPMDA/Sandy Feldstein Service Award

2013 RPMDA/Sandy Feldstein Service Award Honoree

Alan Friedman

The RPMDA Service Award was established to recognize the unselfish efforts of an individual or individuals who actively devote time and energy to the organization voluntarily ‐‐ and who in no way expect payment or recognition for their efforts. In 2008 the award was renamed in memory of Sandy Feldstein, one of the finest advocates for music, music‐making, and music education that the print music industry has ever known. The award is now known as the Sandy Feldstein Service Award.

The criteria for this award include the following:

  • The recipient must be a non‐board member
  • They must be a member who continually serves the RPMDA membership
  • They must have served the organization for at least three years
  • The recipient(s) is chosen by the board

2014 RPMDA/Sandy Feldstein Service Award Honoree

Alan FAlan Friedman

Alan Friedman is a CPA and Senior Partner with the accounting firm of Friedman, Kannenberg & Company, located in Farmington, Connecticut.  Alan and his firm have nearly 30 years of experience in providing accounting, tax and consulting services to the music industry, including musicians, bands, recording studios, music schools and independent record labels, to name a few.  But the largest client segment his firm services are music product retailers, including combo/MI, school music, keyboard, print and pro audio stores of all sizes across the U.S.

Alan and his firm are members of NAMM, RPMDA, NASMD, PASIC and AES.  In addition to their traditional accounting and tax services, Alan’s firm have assisted several music retailers solve problems related to cash flow, inventory management, store operations, business valuation and music retail accounting software support. Alan is also a featured writer for Music, Inc., Drumhead and International Musician magazines, a frequent speaker at the NAMM Trade Show Idea Center & Retail Boot Camp, and the moderator of Yamaha Music Corporation’s “Financial Advantage” training session for music retailers.

After April 15th you can usually find Alan recording music with fellow musician friends in his basement studio, or playing guitar in the all-CPA rock band “The Accounting Crows”.

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RPMDA/Don Eubanks Publisher Representative Award

The Don Eubanks Award was established to honor an Associate Member Sales Representative for excellence and outstanding service to RPMDA Dealer members, as well as to commemorate founding member & Dorothy Award winner Don Eubanks, one of the most loyal and staunchest supporters of our organization. Throughout his music industry tenure, Don cultivated lasting friendships with many Publishers’ Sales Representatives, knowing that their relationship with each other would be one of the most important assets he could have, both personally and in business. Candidates are nominated by the membership and the honoree is selected by a committee of three Retail Members.

The Award Committee considers the following criteria in selecting the award winner:

  • Provides excellent customer service on a consistent basis
  • Demonstrates knowledge of his/her customers’ accounts, and understands and appreciates the philosophy and mission of the stores he/she serves
  • Offers marketing resources and creative retailing solutions to his/her customers
  • Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of the catalog he/she represents
  • Demonstrates unique, outstanding and/or highly successful methods of salesmanship
  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to RPMDA, his/her employer and retail customers

2014 RPMDA/Don Eubanks Publisher Representative Award

Robin Galison

Robin Galison, President of The Music Gifts Company (sole USA/Canada distributor for The Music Gifts Company of England), since 2006, offers one of the largest ranges of unique, music themed, British made giftware. Everything from stationary, kitchenware, jewelry, men’s and ladies personal accessories and so much more is available to the music lover. Robin’s products are available in music retailers, specialty gift shops, symphony shops, as well as other venues across the United Sates and Canada.

Along with parent company, Edwin F. Kalmus, a sheet music publishing company founded in 1926, she warehouses and ships from Boca Raton, Florida.

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