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Impact Your Business with Social Media – Convention Session Highlight

by Helen Todd, Co-Founder and CEO of Sociality Squared

In 2017, the prevalence and importance of social media cannot be denied or ignored. No longer is it the scrappy internet network only for teenagers, twenty-somethings, and daring brands. It has become a sophisticated marketing tool that all businesses must use to stay relevant, reach new audiences, and engage and communicate with their customers.

Facebook averaged 1.23 billion daily active users a day in December 2016. That is a lot of people! While you may not need to reach billions, there lies an untapped audience that could be interested in your business. Your current customers are on social media. That means you need to be too.

This upcoming April 26 – April 29 the Retail Print Music Dealers Association Convention will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. I am honored that I will be speaking on April 28 on how social media marketing can impact your print music business.

In 2010 in New York City, I co-founded Sociality Squared, a full service social media agency – that’s before Instagram ever existed! The mission of the company has always been to connect people with the brands and companies they care about in a meaningful way. Companies are vying for attention from their customers on a screen always by their customers’ sides and in an intimate space that their customers spend a lot of time on and share with their friends and family.

The good news is you already have a community around your print music business. Join the session and you’ll learn how to translate and grow that community on social media. Don’t worry, it’ll be as painless as possible! Social media marketing can build on and amplify your current assets including your local community, word-of-mouth, and in-store experiences. You’ll learn how to repurpose what you already have to make a doable and impactful splash on social media.

Attendees will leave with actionable items to make the most positive impact on their print music business. Not only that, you’ll also receive a checklist that walks through the steps necessary to get the most out of social media. Bring your questions and don’t be shy!

By the end of the session social media will go from a daunting task to marketing music to your ears!


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