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Best Ideas for Christmas

From Bookmark Music, Music Innovations, Alfred Music Co., & Pender’s Music Company Bookmark Music, Marcia Stearn, Owner Bookmark Music is located in a small town. Pacific Grove, California bills itself as “America’s Last Hometown”. Located on the Monterey Peninsula, it competes with Monterey and Carmel for business. So, community / neighborhood events abound thanks to… Continue Reading

Use Your Web Site To Drive Traffic To Your Store

By David Hall, Vice President, Pro-Active Websites Irrespective of whether you are selling online, the first impression your company makes is typically through your Web site. The number of online shoppers is growing rapidly, and they are turning to the Web first to shop for musical products and services. Although the Internet can be a… Continue Reading

Irreverent Retail Relevance in a Digital Era, Part 2

by Tim Cose, Hal Leonard Corporation Monkey See, Monkey Don’t Returning home disheartened and skeptical after my unfruitful trip to the local Big Box, I punched ‘turntable’ into Google and was immediately funneled onto Amazon (see Irreverant Retail Reverence, Part 1) where I fully expected to have the choice of either a pink plastic suitcase… Continue Reading

Irreverent Retail Relevance in a Digital Era – Part 1

by Tim Cose, Hal Leonard Corporation The days of an enclosed system in which you, your supplier, and your customer were the only moving parts are over. The ever-present competition and outside marketing influences that arrived with the Digital Era have wreaked havoc on the comfortable little market you signed up for. But there is… Continue Reading

How to Implement Your Social Media Strategy – Danny Rocks

Once you have identified your core customers and determined which Social Media sites they use most frequently, it is time to create and implement your Social Media Strategy. Let’s say that your core customers use Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter most frequently. Take advantage the key features of each and integrate all three sites into a… Continue Reading

Which Social Media Sites Must My Store Be On? – by Danny Rocks

RPMDA welcomes guest blogger Danny Rocks and his thoughts on developing social media strategies for your business. New Social Media sites crop up on almost a monthly basis. Pinterest, Instagram, Google +, Oh my! How can a music dealer keep up with all of these new sites? Short answer: You can’t. Better answer: You shouldn’t try… Continue Reading