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On Peas and Print Music Part 2

by Tim Cose, Hal Leoanrd Corporation The 70/30 Caveat All that talk of Power Law, ratios, and consumer preference was a long way back to the most important thing to understand about the sales ratios represented in publisher’s sales graph (and many other nearly identical graphs not shown). At this leading songbook publisher, whose name… Continue Reading


Since the invention of the cash register, music product retailers have been searching for predominantly two things: (1) a ’59 Sunburst Gibson Les Paul in mint condition, and (2) a “rule of thumb” for buying inventory that really does work.  Since I don’t know anyone selling a ’59 Paul for less than the $600,000 it’s… Continue Reading

Retail Truth #14 – Chip Averwater

Retail Truth #14: Salesmanship is 90 percent preparation, 10 percent presentation. Good salesmanship begins before the customer arrives. Salespeople need knowledge, training, and rehearsal – before helping customers. Unfortunately, retail seldom allows time & expense for that ideal. Too often our salespeople get their training on the sales floor, searching for information and answers beside… Continue Reading