2017 Convention Program

RPMDA 2017: Convention Program – (Sessions & times subject to change)

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Tuesday, April 25

6–10pm                 Pre-Convention Board Meeting

Wednesday, April 26

11am–5pm            CNN Studio & Georgia Aquarium Tour

Inside CNN: Go behind the scenes at CNN and see how a news broadcast is put together and aired. The 50 minute, guided walking tours depart every 20 minutes. We do need reservations for the tour, so we will need an exact headcount one week in advance. The tour descends 8 flights of stairs. If you need elevator assistance, we will need to know that when booking the reservation.

Georgia Aquarium: Featuring beluga whales, bottlenose dolphins, whale sharks, and manta rays, The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere. It is home to thousands of animals representing over 1,000 different species.  Included with your admission is the dolphin show, which features up to 13 different bottlenose dolphins, and the new sea lion exhibition. Wander around and take in the oceanic beauty at your leisure. Only a 10 minute walk from CNN, and 15 minute walk back to the hotel.  You are free to stay as long as you like at the aquarium, so long as you are back to the hotel in time for the opening night cocktail party at 5:30.  The last group will leave the aquarium to walk back to the hotel at 4:30.

12pm–6pm            Exhibitor Setup

12pm–6pm          Registration

5:30–6pm             Cocktail Party for First-Time Attendees

                                Sponsored by Hal Leonard Corporation

6–7:30pm             Opening Night Cocktail Party

                                Sponsored by Hal Leonard Corporation

Thursday, April 27

7:30–7:50am        Breakfast

7:50–8:00am        Welcome & App Training

                                Don Langlie, Poppler’s Music & Mike Watson, Remenyi House of Music                                                                                       

8–8:50am              GENERAL SESSION: Meet the Sponsors

                                David Jahnke, Hal Leonard Corporation

From breakfasts to beverage breaks, guest speakers to cocktail parties – our RPMDA Sponsors help make this convention the best it can be!  Our sponsors give a little bit extra to make this convention stand out from the rest so we’re giving them an opportunity to stand out as well.  At this session, you’ll hear directly from the companies that give this organization the extra goodies that help make this convention a great experience for everyone.

9–9:50am              GENERAL SESSION: Reach Your PEAK!

Gear Fisher, President, CEO Peaksware/Alfred Music

Be the gold standard in music retail and music education! Strive for excellence and greatness in your business. Whether managing and selling sheet music or providing superior customer service, using deliberate practice in your business will help you achieve your goals. Join Gear Fisher, CEO of Peaksware/Alfred Music, as he discusses the four principles of deliberate practice and how to apply them to your business. Empower and encourage your staff to reach for excellence while creating a culture of top performers. This fresh perspective will challenge your beliefs and make you think about your business in ways you have never considered. Break out of old habits and limits and use these tools to raise your business to the next level!

10–11am               EXHIBITS

11:10am–12pm   BREAKOUTS

Breakout sessions have been grouped into 3 different tracks. The sessions within each track target those who fall in the following categories:

Track 1 – For the Print Music Specialist with 3 years of experience or less

Track 2 – For Print Music Managers or Buyers

Track 3 – For Owners & General Managers

Track 1: Merchandising & Promotions for Your Print Music Department  

Elliot Wessel, Schmitt Music

Do you want to increase your print music sales, turn, and GMROI, while at the same time reducing your inventory? Are you tired of returning workshop product that didn’t sell to the publishers? Are your annual educator events experiencing a decline in attendance and sales? Join Schmitt Music’s Elliott Wessel to learn how to use proven visual merchandising techniques to increase your event’s success and sell more music!

Track 2: Getting Non-Print Staff Excited About Selling Print!

Amy Larkin, West Music

When print music isn’t “your thing”, it can be difficult to see how valuable it is to your customers and to your store’s bottom line. Amy Larkin from West Music will share thoughts and ideas for helping your non-print focused team members to see the light in selling ink on paper which will make your store (and more importantly YOUR CUSTOMERS) happier and healthier!

Track 3: Award Winning Service

Bob Kohl, Long & McQuade

The Don Eubanks Award was established to honor a commercial member Sales Representative for outstanding service. “Service” means different things to different people so we’re giving you the opportunity to hear first-hand what winning service means from three of RPMDA Don Eubanks award winners: Maribeth Barrons (Hal Leonard Corporation), Danny Smolenski (Alfred Music) and Robin Gallison (Music Gifts Company). While this surely will be viewed as a must attend session for all commercial member sales reps, we’re confident that everyone will walk away with new ideas and perspectives on the important little word: “Service”.

12–12:50pm         LUNCH/BUSINESS MEETING

1–1:50pm             BREAKOUTS

Track 1: The History of Urtext Editions

Dr. Sigrun Jantzen, G. Henle Verlag

You know that Urtext is printed on many publisher classical editions but do you know what it truly means and what makes them different from other editions? In this session, Dr. Jantzen will present the history of Urtext and give us a fresh perspective on the publishers responsibility and commitment to the original composition which effects the not only the music, but the musician who plays it.

Track 2: Print Music in the Lesson Studio

Pete Gamber

Are you maximizing what print music can do for the music Lessons at your business?  Are you benefiting from what music lessons can do for your Print Music Sales?  Music lessons and print music are two powerful partners that can help your business succeed.  Join Pete Gamber, the Music Industry’s Music Lesson Guru, for an energetic session on how to increase your lesson revenue while increasing your Print Music sales!

Track 3:  Purposeful Promotions: Planning AND Evaluating Your Promotions

Krista Hart, Alfred Music

Emails, ads, social sweeps, clinics, reading sessions, conventions…what are you getting out of it all? Once the ad is run or the workshop is over, how do you know if it was a “success”?  This session will suggest strategies for identifying the purpose of your promotions, and ways to measure their effectiveness.

2–3pm                   EXHIBITS

3:10–4pm             GENERAL SESSION: The Intricacies, Quirks and Practicalities of Copyrights

                                Ted Piechocinski, Esq. – Director, Music Business Program at Indiana State University

Listen up students: it’s time for RPMDA to continue our education on Copyright!  Professor Piechocinski is a music industry veteran who not only understands Copyright, but also can clearly teach the core basics of Copyright law that we all need to be familiar with. Consider this session your Copyright review/refresher course because you’ll need the information provided for one of our Great Minds missions!                                                                                                                                                                                             

4–5pm                   GENERAL SESSION: Great Minds of the RPMDA Membership

In our 2016 “Great Minds of RPMDA” session we asked these questions:

“What can RPMDA do to help educate our customers on Copyright?”

“Give us your ideas on what you would like at future RPMDA conventions”

Your suggestions were the inspiration for our 2017 Great Minds Session. During this hour, you’ll have the option of attending one of two workshops so we can put your suggestions into action:

                                Copyrights – Outfitting Members for MEA Presentations

RPMDA – New Ideas for a Better Convention

5:30pm                  Evening Event – JW Pepper, Atlanta Distribution Center Tour

Our friends at JW Pepper have graciously invited RPMDA to tour their Atlanta Distribution Center!  This is an incredible opportunity to see one of our industries best. Advance sign-up required, $25 transportation cost.

Friday, April 28

7:30–8am              BREAKFAST

8–9am                    GENERAL SESSION: Best Ideas

                                David Jahnke, Hal Leonard Corporation

The perennial favorite session of RPMDA conventions, where members share their best ideas in only two minutes for fun and to compete for the title of Best Idea 2017. What you learn here could change the way you do business and pay for your investment in coming to the convention.

9:10–11:00am     EXHIBITS                                                                                                                                                                                           

11:10am–12pm   GENERAL SESSION: Impact Your Print Music Business with Social Media

                                Helen Todd, Sociality Squared

You have many tools in your marketing toolbox as a print music business. Social media marketing, if used effectively, can be a very powerful channel to reach and engage with your customers, and more importantly, drive sales! Learn how to make social media marketing work for your print music business with Helen Todd, CEO of Sociality Squared, a social media agency she co-founded in New York City in 2010.   While it can seem overwhelming with all of the different and constantly changing platforms out there, this session will show you how to navigate the sea of Facebook and other key platforms like YouTube. You’ll leave understanding how to amplify and build on your current assets: community, word-of-mouth, and in-store experiences.  Join this keynote and learn the most impactful actions you can take to turn social media marketing from a daunting task to marketing music to your ears!

12–1pm                 LUNCH

1–1:50pm          GENERAL SESSION: The Educational Technology Gap –  John Mlynczak, Noteflight

Today’s tech-savvy student has an entire internet full of ways to learn music. What sites, apps, and methods are students using and in which ways? How do we engage students both in and out of school music programs? This session will provide an overview of online student learning and discuss strategies to engage today’s students through retail.

2–4pm                   EXHIBITS

4:10–5pm             BREAKOUTS

Track 1: Working with Educators: Classroom Music Teachers

Willi Zwozdesky, Long & McQuade

Elementary classroom material can be a most profitable line of your print music business, but it requires real outreach to classroom teachers and basic product knowledge. Willi has developed an expertise of understanding these educators and the diversity of classroom music product.  Join Willi in this helpful session and decode the mystery of establishing this product line in your store for this valuable clientele!

Track 2: The Art and Culture of Selling Sacred Music

Joel Shoemake, Pine Lake Music

It’s been said that there are more musicians playing in Church on Sunday morning than in nightclubs on Saturday nights.  Are you reaching this market?  The Church is unlike any other group, and selling sacred music is an unique and equally challenging task. This session will cover essential topics like denominational nomenclature, generational inclinations, choral sales, off-site events and more.

Track 3: Social Media Checklist for Your Business

Helen Todd, Sociality Squared

This workshop will walk through a checklist developed by Helen Todd at Sociality Squared that you can follow to make social media marketing work for your print music business.  Attendees will receive a printout and a free digital version of the checklist. You’ll leave ready to jump into social media marketing with the know-how of the key actions to take to generate the most impact for your print music business.

5pm       Dinner on Your Own

Saturday, April 29

8–8:30am              BREAKFAST / Presentation of RPMDA Board of Directors for 2017-2018                                                                          

8:30–10am           GENERAL SESSION: RPMDA Talks about Print Music

Alan Friedman, Friedman, Kannenberg & Co, Moderator

You’re probably familiar with the popular “TED Talks” which feature short, powerful monologues on a variety of topics. Welcome to our first episode of RPMDA Talks!  Featuring industry leaders who will be sharing their stories and visions.

10:15–12pm         EXHIBITS/PRIZE DRAWINGS

12:15pm                Post-Convention Board Meeting

6–7pm                   Closing Cocktail Party

                                Sponsored by Alfred Music

After a hectic convention, relax and unwind with your RPMDA friends at our Southern Hospitality Picnic party.

7–11pm                 Closing Banquet and Awards