2018 Convention Update:  The Land of 10,000 Ideas

by David Jahnke, Hal Leonard Corporation

Minneapolis, MN is our destination for RPMDA 2018 and our convention theme came from the state slogan found on Minnesota license plates:  The Land of 10,000 Lakes.  What I find interesting about their slogan is that Minnesota has 12,000 lakes.  Why did they settle on promoting 10,000 instead of going with the larger number of 12,000?  Did they find an additional 2,000 lakes after they already penned the slogan?  I considered doing an exhaustive Google search on the topic but then I thought…under promise / over deliver.  10,000 is an impressive number and if someone made it their mission to visit every lake, I’m guessing they would be giddy finding that their search doesn’t end at 10,000.  Under promise / Over deliver.

RPMDA has never made claims to be something we’re not.  We are a somewhat small but mighty group of retail business advocates, industry professionals and music enthusiasts who come together annually to discuss best business practices and to share ideas.  We have probably been accused of under promoting the benefits of RPMDA but we’ve been told that we over deliver when it comes to a quality, educationally solid convention.  Under promise / Over deliver.

Over the next few months you’ll be seeing updates on RPMDA 2018, including insights from some of our speakers as well as a taste of our newly restructured exhibit plan.  And if you’re questioning our ability to deliver on our theme of The Land of 10,000 ideas then you have never spent a day with Bob Kohl from Long & McQuade, Elliott Wessel from Schmitt Music, Iris Manus from Alfred, Tracy Leenman from Musical Innovations or Maribeth Barrons from Hal Leonard.  If you have, then you KNOW that RPMDA 2018 at the Radisson Blu (conveniently attached to the Mall of America), April 25th – 28th has the ability to deliver 12,000 ideas but we would rather under promise and over deliver!