2020 RPMDA Convention Update

Christmas is less than one month away, which means that the 2020 RPMDA Convention is less than five months away!

While many in our industry attend multiple trade meetings throughout the year, RPMDA members know that this isn’t “your typical convention.” Whether publisher or retailer, we’re well-accustomed to exhibits, sessions, and networking opportunities – but do all of these activities really answer the questions and address the issues most relevant to our businesses? Two years ago, the RPMDA board attempted to restructure our convention to focus on communication, relationships, and growing businesses through a winning combination of educational seminars and one-on-one engagement. The results have been overwhelmingly positive, with attendees now having even more avenues to move their business forward. Whether your store has a huge print department, or you sell only a few method books; if you have print music in your store, RPMDA can help you grow your business.

As regular attendees are already aware, our restructured program emphasized the unique “Power Hour,” and the ensuing “Spark” meetings. Providing retailers and publishers a guaranteed time for one-on-one interaction, our attendees agree that Power Hour is “much improved over the traditional booth/exhibit experience. It’s great to have one on one conversations.” From the publisher standpoint, this format “allows us to introduce ourselves to those who haven’t heard about us yet . . . I like that I can chat with nearly all attendees.” And our retailers have noted, “I find this to be very effective, the vendors are so informative on their products and we got some great ideas. This is so much more effective for building relationships.” The “Spark” time following Power Hour allows individual attendees to explore further, ask additional questions, and build stronger relationships with the publishers of their choice.

Of course, the convention will also include guest speakers, breakout sessions delivered by some of our industry’s best and brightest, along with entertaining social events. While the program is still being finalized, we’re planning a very special excursion to the famed New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, an event that attracted over 475,000 last year and is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

More details will be announced in the coming weeks, but mark your calendar for December 11 when registration opens @ rpmda.com!