The Retail Print Music Dealers Association is a professional trade organization founded over 40 years ago to address the special needs and interests of the dynamic print music industry.

RPMDA is an exciting forum for exchanging ideas and building bridges within the print music industry. It provides the opportunity for dealers and publishers to meet in a non-commercial setting to discuss the present and plan for the future.

RPMDA is the unified voice of the print music industry. Our members are active in local, state and national organizations, constantly taking in the market’s pulse. Our collective voice is heard on such issues as copyright protection, barcoding, the Internet, digital media and arts advocacy.

Our Mission

The Retail Print Music Dealers Association:

  1. Provides a common meeting ground for the congenial interchange of ideas among print music dealers.
  2. Promotes ethical standards and policies in dealing with music publishers.
  3. Promotes better dealer/publisher relations.
  4. Serves the public and encourages music education.
  5. Provides association-sponsored activities and publications that help its members improve their business operations and prepare for future trends.

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