Back by Popular Demand in 2020: RPMDA’s Power Hour and Spark!

An important part of our 2020 New Orleans convention is the return of Power Hour and Spark! times to give commercial and retail members the chance to connect for one-on-one and small-group meetings.

How does it work?
Commercial members set up tables, where they will be ready to meet with retailers who circulate through the through space at regular intervals. These short, focused discussions guarantee interaction and encourage collaboration and education for all members.

Need more time? The program includes several open Spark! times to schedule those more in-depth conversations.

In 2019, our members reported…
“Power Hour is a brilliant idea! I think the concept will have a significant & positive impact on the future of RPMDA.”

“This is so much more effective for building relationships.”

“Love Power Hour: short, effective. Allows one-on-one interaction with publishers and retail stores.”

“Guaranteed time with publishers is so beneficial. Having the choice to go back and spend more time with the Sparks is also so super.”

“Best part [of the convention] (besides the baseball game) and most valuable for business and relationships.”