Best Ideas Part Two

Compiled by Tim Cose, Hal Leonard

Madeleine Crouch

IDEA: Use RallyUp as a resource to manage your sweepstakes and fundraisers!

The website is This is a company that manages online sweepstakes fundraisers for charities and non-profit causes. If a retailer wanted to team up with a local school district to raise money for music education programming, RallyUp makes sure it’s all done according to IRS regulations. The prize(s) can be purchased from the retailer at wholesale, or, even better, donated by a manufacturer or publisher partner to make the sweepstakes as profitable as possible. Great publicity for the retailer, and another example of giving back to their community. RallyUp provides the online platform to purchase sweepstakes tickets, plus other options. Similar in concept to the crowdfunding sites we’ve all become familiar with.


Lindy Campbell

IDEA: Setup up sub-accounts with publishers’ digital sheet music platforms for your lesson teachers!

My guitar teachers like the idea of using Hal Leonard’s digital retailer as a resource in their lessons, but don’t use it often because the process of leaving the lesson room, heading down to the front desk to buy the song takes too much time away from their lesson. I would like to work out “teacher sub-accounts”, so that each teacher can have their own login on their personal computer or tablet. That way they can access digital retailer, make any adjustments needed and get it printing all without them leaving their studio. It would all go to a single store account so that we can ring up the songs to the students after their lesson.


Sharon Pugh and Tracie Burke

IDEA: Order ATTRACTIVE blouses with store logos for your female employees!

Sharon: I just loved that you found something that can work with dress pants and looked professional rather than frumpy and/or casual! At our store, the guys have button-down dress shirts (and oxford shirts and polos!) with our logo.  But these don’t work for women who are trying to appear well-dressed.

Tracie: Trying to dress professionally without wearing a men’s polo shirt or button-down dress shirt is sometimes a challenge for women in our industry.  Our best idea was a women’s blouse with a store logo on it.  It looks professional, promotes your business, is a more comfortable fit for a woman, and it doesn’t look “frumpy” or too casual.

Giving more options when asking employees to wear clothing with your store logo on it is a great idea.  Remember that a men’s shirt doesn’t always work well for the women in your company.


Ron “Crack of Dawn” Manus

IDEA: Start RPMDA sessions at 9 am instead of 8 am.

I think the Board Members of RPMDA are trying to make sure we all are getting good value for our convention dollar, and I think they are doing a great job. This idea comes out of trying to balance health and happiness. It is a very long day at these conventions and starting at 8 AM can be a challenge, especially for the west coasters visiting an east coast city (where 8 am is really 5 am). And a final thought, this gives some time for catching up at work/gym/friends and personal time


Brittany McCorriston

IDEA: Make festival, required, etc lists available for easy access in stores!

At RPMDA there is talk about how when at the convention it is great for everyone to get together and collaborate on different ideas. For four wonderful days, our competitors become our friends and we openly share things that have worked for our own stores; we say we’ll keep in touch, but this concept can easily become forgotten upon returning home.  My idea revolves around retailers becoming resources for one another through the form of lists (because we all secretly love to make them). These lists would consist of required repertoire for various festivals and competitions in the area. Many stores already do this for their customers, but my idea is to have stores post these lists in a public place so that other retailers can use it for their customers as well.  One of the benefits of having this in place is that retailers can go here when researching product for the store as well as when making suggestions for customers. They could also be used as an easier way to access information on distribution as well as if an item has gone out of print. This is one way of creating resources for retailers and keeping the ideas rolling.