Best Ideas 2019: Winning Idea

This year’s winner, Bill Busch, shares a great idea for keeping track of and liquidating aging inventory in a way that is simple to implement and potentially fun for customers who are hunting for a deal. A number of years ago, Brass Bell Music incorporated a ‘Best Idea’ from an RPMDA session.  We began placing … Read more

USPS Proposed Marketing Mail Changes

by Jenny VanPelt, Lorenz Music At the end of August, the USPS released a proposal to change the requirements for mail pieces that receive discounted rates as part of the Marketing Mail classification. In our industry, most direct mail promotions sent by dealers and publishers alike fall into this category, whether they are postcards, flyers, … Read more

Editorial: Two Cheers For Sales Tax Reform

[Reprinted with Permission] by Brian Majesky, Music Trades The prayers of brick-and-mortar retailers may finally be answered if the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down the 1994 North Dakota vs. Quill judgement that made it possible for most mail order retailers to skirt collecting sales tax. This quirk in the tax law unquestionably tilted the scales … Read more


by Elliot Wessel, Schmitt Music We’re working in a reputation-based business.  We say that all the time.  So often our success or failure depends on the relationships we’ve built and maintained and hopefully grown over the years.  Reputation is so important.  If you haven’t been following pop culture at all, Taylor Swift’s new album is … Read more

Shop Small this Holiday Season

by Jenny VanPelt, Lorenz Corporation It’s music to many of our ears when we hear that “buy local” and “shop small” are growing movements in communities around the United States, Canada, and Europe. In response to the effects of retail big box stores and online giants in the marketplace, business and community leaders are coming … Read more

The Art and Culture of Selling Sacred Music

by Joel Shoemake, Pine Lake Music Co. Years ago I partnered with a Baptist state convention to provide low-cost choral music to small choirs across the state. This included creating new music in English, as well as translating everything into Spanish. As we began the translations, we hit a roadblock. You see, Spanish isn’t as … Read more