Dorothy Award Winners

by Dan Del FiorentinoDan D

Since 1999, NAMM has been proudly involved with documenting the history of RPMDA and its members.  As of right now the NAMM Oral History collection contains over 80 past and current members of RPMDA within the collection.  AND thanks to your suggestions that number is growing.  Within this list of our interviewees are the recipients of the Dorothy Award.  While we missed a few who have passed away, the NAMM Oral History collection contains interviews with 23 of the 27 honorees!

As many of you know and according to the RPMDA website: The “Dorothy” Award was named for Dorothy Hutchinson, former executive secretary/treasurer and charter member of RPMDA. During her too-brief life, she epitomized the finest that our industry has to offer, and had in abundance the attributes that print music dealers and publishers all aspire to.

In addition to archiving the history of RPMDA and how it began and developed over the years, these interviews cover each person’s career in the music industry.  As a result of documenting just these 23 individuals our collection has background and history on topics ranging from music engraving, copyright law, international distribution of sheet music and even baseball (thanks Bill Heese).

It is important to note that even from this short list of 23 people, four have since passed away.  Those we have lost are: Bill Stonier, Danny Rocks, Harold Gore and Morty Manus. With their passing, we are left to cherish these interviews as never before because not only are we able to remember our old friends, younger generations are able to learn from them.

Each of the winners of this special award has proven to have the very characteristics that Dorothy had when it came to contributions to our industry.  As we approach RPMDA’s 40th anniversary let’s salute those Dorothy winners and reflect on their influences on each of us.  Here is the list of Dorothy Award winners we have interviewed, which contains a short segment from their Oral History interview: