First Timer Review – 2019 RPMDA Convention

Amos Green, Middle C Music: My experience at the RPMDA Convention as a first time attendee was easily the highlight of my year and one of the most rewarding things I have done in my time with music. The individuals who belong to this association are extraordinarily welcoming and are willing to take the time to give insight that is effective and applicable to any business involved with the print music industry. At the same time, the association’s members have crafted the convention into one of the most fun and engaging experiences.

I truly didn’t want the convention to be over, but when I left San Diego, I departed inspired. Inspired by blooming friendships, sweet memories, and an abundance of new knowledge to share with our staff and community surrounding Middle C Music! Thank you so much!

My name is Joey Pertusati, Alfred Music, and I am an Account Manager for Alfred Music. As a first time RPMDA attendee, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had attended the NAMM show before and experienced all it’s boisterous glory. And that was the basis for my assumptions. However, RPMDA was very different than my expectations. For one, it was so inspiring to see such a passionate community devoted to this industry we all find ourselves a part of. Not only that, but whether they had been attending the conference for their 2nd year, or their 32nd year, each person was engaging, welcoming, and made sure I was a part of the experience.

I learned something very important at RPMDA 2019. This industry of print music is changing rapidly, but I have never been more confident in our future than I was after attending the conference. I believe that this organization, more like this family, can face any challenge, and adapt with the development of technology and of our customer base. The relationships I developed and the friends I made will continue to help me through my career in print music, This network of bright minds can improve any business, large or small. And to think that all of this was just over a weekend in beautiful San Diego!

Fallon Prigmore – Arts Music Shop I was extremely lucky to be able to attend RPMDA for the first time at the beginning of May. Being a new member of the print music world, the conference made me understand how in-depth and widespread the industry is. The sessions that I attended gave me a new outlook into my position. I felt so welcomed into the community and got to meet some incredibly impressive people. All of the interesting people and activities made the conference very enjoyable. Visiting the NAMM Museum was one of my favorite parts because I saw so much history and it made me realize how big of a presence music has. Being able to go with my coworkers at Art’s Music Shop helped us grow more as a team. I could not have picked a better year to have my first experience either, because San Diego was absolutely beautiful.

Jessica Luce – San Diego Music Studio:  Honestly, I entered the field of music for the scholarship money. My mom’s normal middle-school-car-ride-home lecture consisted of, “If you play the oboe,you’re a shoo-in for medical school!” So eventually I got stuck on the oboe, something I immediately regretted. I still have nightmares about the sounds I made in the sixth grade on that instrument. But eventually, I got good. Very good. And I started to love it. I played in band and orchestra, established a wind quintet, joined the marching band, and acted as percussion captain. My best friend of thirteen years today sat beside me as principal flute all through high school; my place of work is where I attempted to establish myself on the keyboard and the violin; and ironically, my degree is in the art of performance on the very instrument I absolutely hated in the sixth grade. Music is my entire life; everything I love and respect about myself is founded in the industry.

This is why it is no surprise that at RPMDA – an event others consider obscure (“They have a convention for that?”) – I would find so much friendship, wisdom, and inspiration. Everything about the music industry fascinates me: the instrumental mechanics, the technical aspects of musicality, the historical and modern value of printed music, and the absolutely weird, outrageous, and completely delightful individuals that make all that is music what it is today. My father always says that the individuals you attract speak more to the truth of who you are than what you believe yourself. Given who I met at this year’s convention, I have determined that a career in music is definitely the most rewarding and giving path I could choose for myself. I have not met a single individual in the industry who is not intelligent, generous, and insightful. The amount of concern I see for the world at large, the high level of self-discipline and self-analysis in all aspects of life, and the intense drive to better lives with the same gift that has bettered all of ourselves is consistent across the board.

The world is not loving or forgiving, but music and its disciples produce the type of positive, unrelenting passion it takes to overcome negatives both within one’s self and throughout the world at large. I am so blessed to have landed in a career that allows me to take part in such self-betterment and global contribution. I know for the rest of my life, year after year, I can look forward to meeting individuals who want to better an industry that changed my life and will continue to change lives so long as humanity perseveres – and I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling.