Honoring our 2018 Award Winners

The 2019 convention will bring us a new set of awards. Let’s take a moment to remember our 2018 recipients and their contributions to the print industry and to RPMDA.

Dorothy Award – Our top RPMDA award given to someone who has offered:

A lifetime of service to friends and family, community, and the print music industry.
Promotion of ethical business standards and policies.
Setting high standards for customer relations and service, as well as dealer/publisher relations.
Personal integrity.
The encouragement and support of music education.
Innovation in business, with a vision for the future.

Madeleine Crouch of Madeleine Crouch & Co.
There are some people in this world who are put here to draw us together, to show us what we can accomplish when we work together, and Madeleine Crouch is one of those people. Madeleine started her career working for a print music dealer and eventually started her own business and served as Executive Director for the RPMDA and many other music organizations. Madeleine is a humble, generous, smart, creative, joyful soul who has made a huge difference in the music industry and in the lives of so many people. When asked what kind of legacy she hopes to leave she responded, “I believe that music makes the world a much better place to live, and so maybe, in my small way, if I have been able to put people together or supported music organizations for performers and educators, it’s because I believe so much in music. I can’t imagine a world without it, I just feel more music in everybody’s lives makes it better. Anything I can do to help that along will be my legacy.”

John Waters, Presidents Choice Award – Chosen and presented by the RPMDA President for Service, Teamwork, Leadership to the President, the board and the Association.

Christie Smith – Alfred Music
For the RPMDA board, the Past President is the advisor and the person all of its members can ask when they have questions about the many and varied tasks they need to accomplish throughout the year. Christie took this role to a new level, sharing her wealth of experience and applying her passion, energy, and organization to the success of the RPMDA. She established the Communications Committee as the group responsible for creating regular newsletters and increased both their frequency and breadth of content. Beyond her service on the board, her vision and drive to make dreams into realities continue to inspire conversations about the bright future of the RPMDA.

Don Eubanks, Sales Rep of the Year Award – Is given to an Associate Member Sales Representative for excellence and outstanding service to RPMDA Dealer members.

Chrissy Dzioba – Hal Leonard

Chrissy is dependable, thorough, and kind, and anyone who calls her office is greeted with warmth, as if they are not just customers, but friends. She bravely takes on any challenge we present her with, whether it is overnight drop shipping an item that just came off of backorder, or helping us provide music to a local choral festival. She genuinely cares about her customers and wants them to succeed, and it shows in her exemplary customer service.


RPMDA/Sandy Feldstein Service Award – The RPMDA Service Award was established to recognize the unselfish efforts of an individual or individuals who actively devote time and energy to the organization voluntarily ‐‐ and who in no way expect payment or recognition for their efforts. In 2018 the award was shared by three of our members who serve on the RPMDA Communications Committee

Jenny Van Pelt – Lorenz
Jenny has always been generous with her time and her expertise and has offered service to the RPMDA in many ways. She served two years on the RPMDA board, been a speaker, an author, and contributed countless hours to the industry newsletter. Jenny assists the board with anything that is asked of her, including helping with data entry on the app. Her dedication to this industry is easy to see, and we are lucky to have her continue to serve on the Communications Committee.

Cristina D’Alessandro – Cosmo Music
Cristina brings so much enthusiasm and social media experience to our team. She has been an RPMDA speaker, an author, and offered much of her time to help our group improve our communication on social media channels. Her creativity has inspired us to think in new and different ways about how the RPMDA presents itself to members, to the music industry, and to the broader community of musicians.

Tim Cose – Hal Leonard
Tim is always someone who has shown passion and commitment to the print music industry. He is a leader who gets involved in anything he thinks will help his dealers and his industry. Tim has been a speaker, an author, and has contributed hours of time and plenty of creative ideas to the RPMDA newsletter. He is committed to learning and sharing his experiences to help our industry grow.

The ‘Norm’ Award
This year, several publishers got together and awarded a special recognition to Canadian, Norm Zimmerman from Steve’s Music for a lifetime of going above and beyond in the many ways he connects to the community and is an advocate for print music, his community and his company.