Increasing RPMDA membership

by Tristann Rieck, Brass Bell Musitristann-white-shirt

I would first like to wish a happy new year to all of our wonderful members! It is my hope that 2016 will be the Year of RPMDA!

On that topic, I’d like to share some exciting news, as well as some personal remarks on how we can really grow his year. Lauren Smagacz (Kidder Music) and I have recently drawn up plans for a new membership committee. In order to build up our membership, the committee’s two main focus will be on retention and recruitment. The retention side will be tasked with keeping new convention attendees coming back and persuading those who have stopped attending to return (we will need volunteers at the Convention for the mentoring program; if any members are interested, please reach out to Lauren at ), and the recruitment side will begin diligently seeking out and recruiting new members and convention attendees altogether.

RPMDA  has helped both my business and myself grow, which is why I am very passionate about the association and was ultimately driven to get involved with these plans. My passion not only stems from my love and commitment to music as a whole, but also from the many wonderful experiences I’ve had over my 19 years as a member. It is no challenge to recall times in my own career when I felt discouraged, burnt out, and just about ready to give up, but it was at these crucial moments that my friends and connections with all of you during the RPMDA convention inspired me and charged me up again about my business.

Being given the opportunity to network with other like-minded, motivated music professionals is nothing short of a breath of fresh air, as I know many of you would agree, and I would love to be able to offer the same opportunity to others.

The membership committee will be working hard these next few months with the goal of making the 40th Anniversary Reunion the best attended convention, yet I think it is important to stress that each and every member here can–and should–do their part to share the gift of RPMDA with others. We have already done so many amazing things; imagine what more we could do with double the numbers! Imagine what skills these new members could possess, what new ideas they can offer to breathe new life into all of our businesses. The possibilities are truly endless!

I encourage every single member to reach out to at least one person this month to whom they are wholeheartedly committed to bringing into the fold of RPMDA. If each of us commits to this, I know we will see change on a very large scale, as we already are. Anyone interested in joining our retention and recruitment committee should get in contact with me directly, .

I am excited to see all of you at the St. Louis 40th Reunion in just a few short months!