J.W. Pepper Spotlight

For those of you who missed the tour of J.W. Pepper’s Atlanta distribution center at the RPMDA convention a few years ago, you can check out this great feature on Fox Business where they filmed a tour of their facilities. It is fantastic to see such a professional and positive view of an industry that not many people understand or see as important as it is. It also shows us a great way to get free media coverage, ‘docu-coverage’. Find a news station in your community to tell your story!Congratulations to JW Pepper for this wonderful feature. Click here to view!

Distributing Sheet Music Far and Wide:  J.W. Pepper’s Work Featured on National Television October 30 & 31

J.W. Pepper President Glenn Burtch says he often encounters people who are surprised by the complexity of his company’s business. It takes a tremendous amount of planning and work to be able to distribute large volumes of sheet music and other music products to schools, churches and other organizations across the country each year. That effort occurs quietly behind the walls of Pepper’s distribution centers in Georgia and Utah.

“Not a lot of people wonder how their children receive sheet music each year that’s just right for the students’ grade level or how their church found that perfect song,” Burtch said. “Our staff is very dedicated to making that possible.”

This dedication caught the eye of the Fox Business Network, which picked J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc.® as a company to feature in its Manufacturing Marvels segment. The staff that produces the feature extensively researched Pepper’s business before offering the spot, which aired on the business network on Tuesday, October 30 between 10:30pm and 10:44pm EST and Wednesday, October 31 between 9:30pm and 9:44pm EST.

Pepper’s 142 years in the music industry made it a prime candidate. Another factor is the number of products the company handles. Pepper regularly keeps over 125,000 products on the shelves, in addition to more than 50,000 products ready to ship to customers as soon as they are received at the warehouse. This includes items from thousands of music publishers, making Pepper the world’s largest retailer of sheet music.

“The hardest part of our distribution job is receiving that much product,” Vice President of Operations Nick Buddock said. “I’m hoping the television feature gives viewers a better understanding of what happens behind the scenes.”

The cameraman for the Fox Business piece took drone video and other footage at Pepper’s 76,000 square foot distribution center in Lithia Springs, Georgia. The company’s other distribution center is in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company also has its headquarters in Exton, Pennsylvania and 12 stores in 10 states.

The current distribution model was made by Pepper ten years ago. The company used to manually fill orders from 15 store locations. That was less customer friendly since recipients could end up receiving four boxes from four different locations to complete one order.

Now scanner guns, more computerized information and centralized shipping make the process much more efficient for both the staff and customers. The company also offers an ePrint option for over 200,000 sheet music compositions, allowing customers to print their own music or view it digitally on the ePrintGo® app.

Both Burtch and Buddock say they are excited for people to see what Pepper does. The video segment gived viewers a look at the massive expanse of boxes Pepper handles to bring music to the doorsteps of people across the country. Burtch says that he hopes this will showcase the company’s commitment to provide what music teachers, directors and musicians need.

“Our staff is filled with people who recognize the great importance of music in our society,” Burtch said. “I’m hoping this piece gives insight into how much we care about serving our customers.”

To find your local Fox Business Network channel, visit https://www.foxbusiness.com/fbntv. For more information on J.W. Pepper, please visit jwpepper.com.

About J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc.
Founded in 1876, J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc. is the largest sheet music retailer in the world, celebrating over 140 years of customer service and devotion to music and music education. In addition to providing music accessories, various music software products, and music for state contests and music festivals, Pepper also offers choral, band, orchestra, church, classroom, instrumental, piano, and vocal music to directors, teachers, and other professional musicians around the world. The company provides its products and services through its 12 stores across the U.S. and online.