Join us at NAMM HQ and the Museum of Making Music

Here’s another great reason to join us at this year’s RPMDA Convention—a visit to NAMM HQ and the Museum of Making Music! (And it’s FREE!)

Our entire group will travel from the hotel along the Pacific Coast, up to NAMM HQ, which sits overlooking the Pacific in Carlsbad, CA. Once there, we will be greeted in the lobby by Joe Lamond (CEO) and staff and offered beer, wine, and soda with a live soloist playing in the background.

We will have guides throughout the Museum of Making Music galleries, allowing RPMDA’ers to grab a drink and stroll through the world-famous Museum of Making Music.  For those interested, we’ll also be offering small group tours of the upstairs offices, trade show sales, marketing, CEO’s office etc.

At 7pm, a dinner buffet will be served (local taco bar with beer, wine, and soft drinks), and a live quartet will play background music.  During dinner, Joe Lamond will address our group.

At 8:15, a coffee and dessert bar open in the lobby, and shuttles back to the Hyatt begin to depart shortly thereafter.

Please don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the NAMM Headquarters and hang with the NAMM Staff!