Remembering Tracy Allen

By Gayle Beacock, Beacock Music & Education Center

Dear friends,

We recently lost our dear Tracy Allen. Many of you remember Tracy from her enthusiastic attendance at past RPMDA conventions. I used to tease her that she knew more people than I did and I was President!

That was Tracy. Instantly learning everyone’s names with a Facebook friend request fast-coming! She was a bright light, a fantastic musician, a beloved staff member, and to me and many others, a friend.

Tracy came to work at Beacock Music on June 1, 2010. Previously she was a member of the team at Sheet Music Service of Portland, working with David Wood and Michael Sagun. It was there that her love for the print music industry developed and blossomed. When they closed their doors, she appeared at my desk with her big smile, and started her career with us that very day!

Tracy graduated with a piano performance degree from Warner Pacific College in Portland, Oregon. She was a great pianist and a wonderful accompanist. She knew so much about music and music theory, that our staff often played a game called “stump Tracy!” We would challenge our customers and staff to ask her music-related question. If they could stump her, they won a cookie from our café! Over the 10 years I worked with Tracy, we never gave away one single cookie. She knew her stuff!

Tracy was recently married to the love of her life, Avery. Never had she imagined such happiness! At solo ensemble contest, where Tracy would be accompanying many students, Avery was right there by her side. Carrying her tote full of music, keeping track of her performance times and room assignments, bringing her water, or even turning pages. It didn’t matter—he was always right by her side supporting her. Tracy was living her best life!

On the day Tracy died, she was being Tracy. Celebrating her friend’s birthday. Out in the world participating. That is who she was. She participated in life at any opportunity, and always said YES to a suggestion. She wanted to do everything! I loved that about her. Some of our best times were standing around in our print department talking about our weekends, funny customer stories, or discussing our next store promotion. She was always right in the middle of any activity going on!

Oh, Tracy. It isn’t the same around here without you. Not even a little. We remember your sweet smile, the sarcastic teasing, your musical talents. But most of all we miss that heart of yours. You were kind to everyone.

Rest in Peace sweet girl. You gave much to the world in your short time here.

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  1. I remember meeting Tracy several years ago at an RPMDA convention, with her ever so bubbly personality and that wonderful bright smile. I remember thinking how perfect is was that some someone this bouncy worked with Gayle. I swear they drink to much coffee in the coffee shop…She will be missed…

  2. Very, very sad. I’m glad the memories of Tracy will live on in those lives she touched. Tracy always took care of ordering all my print music over the past 9 years. My deepest, heartfelt condolences to her family and friends.

  3. My deepest condolences Gayle to you, your staff and her family and loving husband Avery.

    I am so sorry to hear about Tracy’s passing. Her smile and contagious energy will forever be engraved in my heart. May she fly under God’s wing. R.I.P. beautiful woman. I am so happy to have met you.

  4. It was more than a pleasure having met Tracy and watch her thrive. I remember the announcement of her engagement and the joy and cheers and all of us felt. Though I am far away in Palm Springs, I send a hug to all of my former colleagues and her terrific husband whom brought Tracy so much joy.

  5. Tracy was such an amazing light!! Everytime I would call Beacock to order music, she was always helpful, friendly, and you could hear her big, beautiful smile through the phone. Although I never met Tracy in person, we spoke often and became “phone buddies”. I loved listening to her stories of music and it was evident that her passion shined through in each and EVERY thing she did. You are sorely missed, Tracy. Hugs and prayers still for Tracy’s family as well as her Beacock and music family!

  6. I was a piano teacher in the Vancouver area for over 30 years. I have known the Beacock family for that long and then some as a friend, customer, and music teacher. I have had the pleasure of getting to know so many great people through the retail side of the store, as well as the Education Center. Tracy was one of those. I really treasured our relationship as colleagues. We shared our experiences and enthusiasm as teachers and accompanists, and it inspired me to be a better teacher and musician. Such a sweet, loving person. A true gift to this world!

  7. What I remember most about Tracy is her smile, her warmth, her heart. She was in every sense, kind and genuine.

  8. Tracy was a jewel to everyone around her, always available with a smile and an encouraging word. I have had the pleasure of working with this amazing person and I will forever be reminded of just how unique she was! Tracy, until we meet again!

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