RPMDA 2017 – Because Print Music Matters

by David Jahnke, Hal Leonard Corporation

One of the first orders of business at the Summer Board meeting is to discuss the theme of the upcoming convention.   Atlanta is rich with history and is home to the world headquarters for Coca-Cola, United Parcel Service (UPS) and Home Depot.  It also has the distinction of being the only southern U.S. city to host a Summer Olympics (1996).  We had numerous ideas on how to include these iconic events and companies into our theme but as our discussions grew, so did the focus of the convention.  We decided to move away from kitschy phrases like “Print Music – It’s the Real Thing” (a play on the popular Coke slogan of the ‘90s) and “Print Music on My Mind” (a clever play on words for the Carmichael / Gorrell song made popular by Ray Charles).  It was clear that the focus for our convention was going to be simple, direct and to the point:  RPMDA 2017:  Because Print Matters!

The phrase – Because Print Matters – encapsulates everything that our organization and industry believes and stands for.  We provide the road maps that help every musician, from beginners to professionals, get from note A to G in their music journey.   Our goal for the 2017 RPMDA convention is to provide similar road maps that will help every business get from point A (admitting they have a print department) to P (profiting from a successful print department).  Look for specific program updates in upcoming newsletters and we hope you’ll join us in Atlanta for RPMDA 2017…Because Print Matters!