RPMDA Grateful at Christmas 2019

2019 – what a ride!
Dear friends at RPMDA, it has been a pleasure working with all of you and to spent those amazing 4 days in San Diego together. Looking forward to seeing you all again in New Orleans! Now it’s time to enjoy some peace and quiet with friends and family. Merry Christmas y’all and a happy new year! Nick Pfefferkorn, CEO Breitkopf & Härtel and team!

Dan Del Fiorentino, NAMM: Every day I am grateful for getting to work in the music industry and enjoy friendships with some of the most wonderful people on the planet! I am blessed! The blessings continued this year as my list of friends increased and I marked a few special milestones (my 4,000 Oral History interview and my 20th year at NAMM!). I also got to be on hand for Sigrun Jantzen’s first baseball game (thanks to the Kjos team and RPMDA)!


Happy Holidays from Schmitt Music! Congratulations to the Queen of Christmas, Lorie Line, on her 30th-year anniversary tour!




I am thankful for my family, and especially our 3 grandkids (about to be 4 in February). They help me keep life in the proper perspective.

Richard Gore Family, Penders Music Co.


Woo HOO! After 25 years, we’re still going strong and don’t look a day over 21.5. To all, Happy everything you can think of!

From Chantal, Pamela, Mary Clare, and Marcia (left to right)
The Bookmark Music Crew
Note to Norm- how do you speak German with a French accent?


I have so much to be thankful for but when your children are grown and you have the opportunity to see them as parents it’s very rewarding. They have given us 5 beautiful grandsons. 4 are with me in this picture and number 5 will arrive in late January. With all the turmoil in the world today this is a little slice of heaven on earth.

Kevin Cranley
Willis Music



Tracy Leenman, Musical Innovations

This year has been a busy one for us, with a new granddaughter (in Hawaii), our 21st; lots of travel and many reasons to be thankful. One of my biggest blessings, personally, is being able to serve on the RPMDA Board, and help one of the Industry’s greatest organizations continue to grow. We are excited about the 2020 RPMDA Convention in New Orleans, and I hope to see each of you there!

Koas and I want to wish everyone a blessed and worshipful Christmas and all the best in 2020!

Remenyi House of Music

It’s easy to become caught up in the myriad challenges we face on a daily basis, but no matter how crazy things may get, the continued opportunity to have a backstage role within the music community remains a privilege – and something worth celebrating. We may not be saving lives so-to-speak, but we’re certainly making them better! All of us in the music products industry are fortunate to participate in a marketplace where profit goals and the improvement of our civilization actually go hand-in-hand. Best wishes to all of my print music friends and colleagues for a healthy & prosperous 2020.



Here at Alfred Music, we have the privilege of working with people who know the joy of making music, and that is what I am grateful for this year. My experiences at RPMDA, NAMM, and every day at the Alfred office have given me the opportunity to grow and flourish in my personal and professional life. I am most grateful for my sales team, who are not only some of the most passionate people I have ever worked with but also never fail to make me laugh and love what we do… plus, we get to talk to you every day!! Sending our best wishes to all our RPMDA friends this holiday season.


May the holiday season fill your home and business with joy, your heart with love and laughter. And wish your New Year to be full of adventure and lots of FUN! You all deserve it!
From our family to yours!
Julia & Eric
Stanton’s Sheet Music

Geoff Lorenz, The Lorenz Corporation

I am now living on Spring Island, just north of Hilton Head. I still stay updated with the music industry and am amazed at the pace of change. I sure miss you all and wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season.






From Reiff Lorenz, The Lorenz Corporation

Is just about done.
Some battles we lost
Some battles we won
There were days that were tough
And others were fun

Team Lorenz worked
Very diligently
On the best music products
Ever heard or seen

We’re distributing Lillenas
And selling product from Word
(Nothing rhymes with Lillenas
Making this stanza absurd!)

With all this product
we’re out of space
Our warehouse overflows
Filling every last place

With Easter music
The presses are loaded
And stock orders for spring
Are shipped fully loaded

Our studios are recording
For Christmas next year
It sometimes seems like
2020’s already here!

So we’ll skip ahead
As if next year were done
And be the first to wish you
A joyous 2021!