Thank You, RPMDA

by Ruby Beeston, Best In MusicRuby

Dear RPMDA Friends,

In the fall of 1989, I was a piano teacher and an opportunity came to me. I was offered a small back storage space (6X9) for free in Keith Jorgensen Music, located in a mall to provide sheet music service and to increase traffic for the music store. With a business plan, and 5K sheet music inventory and not quite knowing what I was doing, Best In Music was born.

Chesbro Music was quick to offer help with fixtures and sheet music consignment. Slowly a stream of customers discovered us and with our family’s help we had a modest success. Three years later, Jorgensen’s relocated their store and we were on our own.

We restarted our business and struggled. Our Hal Leonard sales rep suggested that I join RPMDA. There I was in Milwaukee in 1993 at RPMDA for the first time. What an intimidating yet uplifting and warm experience I had with this awesome organization. There were many publishers who reached out to me and offered help, and I made some friends.

Through the years, we applied many good ideas that I learned from the conventions. We trained our children to work hard and learn their responsibilities by helping in our family music store. We expanded to one more location back to the Mall where we had known success. Our son-in-law joined us after being laid off from Future Shop. He was a great worker and helped us grow steadily. We continued to go to RPMDA to learn, to network, to contribute, and to benefit from many great ideas presented at the conventions. Now we have our own education center for 7 years and growing, thanks to Beacock Music’s great idea presented at a break out session.

We’ve had our ups and downs, successes and challenges, but we’ve always loved what we do and have been doing what we love.  I love and appreciate RPMDA so much for all the good you did to help, grow, and better our businesses. We appreciate the positive effect and impact you have on us. Thank you so much for being so kind, loving and thoughtful to our granddaughter Sidney. She had a great experience ande was very impressed at the last RPMDA.

I thank you for the many RPMDA pioneers, volunteers, leaders, and officers, including Madeleine and Richard for their tremendous contributions, goodness, and unselfish services. I thank all the most wonderful publishers for their help, support, and generosity. They contributed so much to our successes. I cherish the sweet friendships we’ve developed thru the years of rubbing shoulders, encouraging, and learning from each other. You are like a family filled with love, kindness, and support. My heart is overflowing with gratitude & fondness when I think of you. It brings me many smiles and happy memories when I think of you!

I will continue to always advocate for the music industry in bringing music into people’s lives and doing good continually. I will miss you all and you will always have a very special place in my heart. Thank you for the great ride!


Ruby Beeston

Best In Music