The Best Way to get from the Airport to the Hyatt Regency – it’s MARTA!

Subtitled:  A Drummers Guide To Convention Transportation – by David Jahnke, Hal Leonard

I’m sure you’ve all heard the joke:  What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend?  Answer:  HOMELESS!  In High School, it could have been said:  What do you call DJ (that would be me) without a girlfriend who has her own car?  Answer:  STRANDED!

Drumsets are not the easiest things to transport so most of my life has been spent in search of convenient, AFFORDABLE transportation.  As you plan your journey to RPMDA next week I encourage you to cancel your shuttles, forget UBER/LYFT, and there’s no need to take a taxi.  Take a ride with the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority = MARTA.  $6 US will get you a round trip ticket and it’s so easy to use, in fact, they made it drummer proof!  The MARTA station is located inside the airport, in-between the North and South Luggage carousels.  And when I say it’s drummer proof, here are 8 simple steps you can give to any drummer which will successfully get them round trip from the Airport to the Convention.

8 Easy Steps to get from the Atlanta Airport to the RPMDA Convention Hotel

Click here to print out 8 Easy Steps to get from the Atlanta Airport to the RPMDA Convention Hotel

Step 1:  Find the MARTA station which is by baggage claim.

Step 2:  Use a Kiosk and look for the Breeze Ticket Round Trip option.  The “Disposable Ticket” costs $1 and the Round Trip option costs $5.

Step 3:  Go to the train platform and hop on whatever train is there.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the Red Line or the Gold Line because both (in fact ALL) trains from the Airport only go North.

Step 4:  Depart the train (watch your step) at the Peachtree Center stop.  It’s the stop AFTER “Five Points” which is the Central Hub of the MARTA train system.

Step 5:  Go up the very long escalators and when you reach the top, take a left into the Peachtree Mall.  Take a moment or two to look around the Mall because there are numerous food options, convenience shops, and even a CVS Pharmacy.  Just don’t get too distracted because your mission is to get to the hotel to reconnect with your RPMDA family!

Step 6:  As you’re looking around, you’ll see a sign saying “Hyatt Regency”.  If you’re not looking around, just go straight into the Mall and look up – you’ll see the sign.

Step 7:  Follow the sign (Arrow pointing left), go over the crosswalk and up a few stairs and you’ll be in the Hyatt’s lobby.

Step 8:  To get back to the Airport – just do the reverse and just make sure you get on a Southbound train.

That’s it!  Convention transportation that’s convenient, affordable and best of all…DRUMMER PROOF!

Travel safe and we’ll see you in Atlanta.

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