Track 1: Merchandising & Promotions for Your Print Music Department

by Elliott Wessel, Schmitt Music

I am always up for doing a breakout session at the RPMDA convention.  Always.  What’s more fun than a PowerPoint presentation in front of your peers?  Love it!

It’s interesting how these things develop over the course of the convention planning stages.

“We’d like you to do a session on merchandising, you know, what you are doing with your print racks at Schmitt Music.  Planograms, full color branded headers, all that.”


“…oh and be sure to talk about the impact that that idea has had on your sales.  We want the sessions to be more “real world” this year.


“…oh and promotions.  Talk about what how you’ve rebranded and restructured the Schmitt Music EXPO (now in its 80th year.)


“…and the impact of that on your sales.  Remember, real world.”

“Got it.”

“…and the impact on your inventory.  Remember, hands on too.”


“…oh and new products!  Talk about those too.”

“Like The Colors of Music from Santorella or adding Edition Peters titles to all of our stores or becoming part of the Piano Pronto community?”

“Well maybe not specific products, you know, more like new products in general…”

“Real world though?  Hands on?”


“Can I talk about Lorie Line?  You know how much we love Lorie Line in the upper Midwest, dontcha know.”

“Anyway…can you talk about your whole 3 Point Plan for increasing sales while decreasing inventory too, that thing you did for the AIMM dealers at NAMM?”

“Yes, I can add that.”

“Things are still going well right?”

“Yep, sales and margin are up, inventory is being reduced dramatically, GMROI is improved, and I’m getting ever closer to that ever elusive Turn of 2 on print.”

“How are you doing that?!?  Is that still possible?  Well, talk about all that too.  Remember, real world.  Hands on.”

I am so excited to be able to share some of these ideas with you all during this breakout session at this year’s RPMDA convention!

I am also looking forward to seeing the fish.