Trending Halloween Costumes: Print Tie-Ins/Recitals

By Tim Cose, Hal Leonard

According to a National Retail Federation survey, Halloween consumer spending is expected to reach $9 billion in 2108. This is triple the spending in 2005. Whether it’s social media selfie fever or a serious national sweet-tooth, Halloween spending has had a strong upward trend for the past decade. It’s also a great lead-in holiday to kick off the fourth quarter and engage with customers through events and the products you offer.

Halloween is exciting for all kids, including your lesson program students. Take it from Gist Piano Center, whose Halloweekend piano recitals pack the store in late October. James Harding, previously at Gist, has presented at RPMDA in the past on the importance of recitals, events, and customer engagement. He cites events like Halloween recitals and partnership with teachers as the driving force behind his print sales.

Of the families surveyed, here are the most popular costumes for children this year:

  1. Princess
  2. Superhero
  3. Batman
  4. Star Wars character
  5. Witch
  6. Spider-Man
  7. Avengers character (excluding Spider-Man)
  8. Ghost
  9. Pirate
  10. Frozen (Elsa, Anna)

According to kids and families, these costumes are what excite and inspire kids’ imaginations this year, so let this list steer your print music selection and holiday decorations in the store as we sweep into fall and the holiday season. Costumes and Halloween are also a great excuse to engage and show your store personality on social media: 35% of those surveyed look online for their costume inspiration!

Now is the time to check with your publishers and print music reps on songbooks and repertoire to capitalize on the growing popularity of the holiday. Halloween has increasingly become an experience-oriented celebration that your customers are willing to spend a little extra on for the fun and creative adventure.