Update from the Church Music Publishers Association (CMPA)

By Reiff Lorenz, Lorenz Corporation

The CMPA is dedicated to protecting copyrights and educating publishers on events and trends in the industry. This year brought many changes in the political climate for copyrights, so CMPA has been working hard to retain copyright protection for composers, publishers, and the music industry.

Specifically, CMPA is investigating the possibility of forming a Music Rights Organization (MRO) that could serve as a clearinghouse for member publishers, and a one-stop-shop for church music licensors. Part of the criteria required for being a nationally-recognized MRO is market share, so our first step is to measure the size of the market for church music.

We continue to lend our support for other industry groups that share our mission, like the Music Publishers Association (MPA), the CMPA of Europe, the Copyright Alliance, the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA), plus the United States Justice Department and the Library of Congress.

The CMPA has a number of committees that are working together to tackle copyright infringement. The Technology committee compiled a list of web sites that may be hosting unlicensed music. The Legal committee will then investigate these infringements and coordinate with other industry associations to ensure the offending content is removed. The Political Action arm of CMPA will join the Nashville Songwriters in Washington DC in 2017 for their “World Intellectual Property Day,” which educates politicians on the value of copyrights.

In other industry news, Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) was sold last year to the performing rights society, SESAC. SESAC earlier had bought the Harry Fox Agency. Just recently, SESAC itself was sold by the venture-capital firm that owned it to another venture capital firm. That’s a lot of changes in a short timeframe affecting a big part of our industry!

If you have any questions about what the CMPA is doing, please feel free to contact me.

Reiff Lorenz, Treasurer

Church Music Publishers Association