Which Social Media Sites Must My Store Be On? – by Danny Rocks

Danny asks a Group QuestionRPMDA welcomes guest blogger Danny Rocks and his thoughts on developing social media strategies for your business.

New Social Media sites crop up on almost a monthly basis. Pinterest, Instagram, Google +, Oh my! How can a music dealer keep up with all of these new sites? Short answer: You can’t. Better answer: You shouldn’t try to keep up with every new social media site.

When you want to know which sites you must be active on, ask yourself this question: Which social media sites are my core customers active on?

If your core customers are active on Facebook, then your store must be active on Facebook. If only a few occasional customers are on Pinterest, then you should not invest time and energy on Pinterest.

Action Steps

Identify your core customers – e.g. the 20% of your customers who make up 80% of your store’s business. Of course, you can narrow that down to departments within your store.

  1. Ask your core customers which social media sites they use most frequently. You can create a short survey for this.
  2. Once you get the survey results back, ask your customers how they use these social media sites. For example, do they use Facebook for personal pleasure, for business or some combination?
  3. Meet with your key staff members and share these survey results.
  4. Begin to plan how you can develop a social media strategy built to serve your core customer’s needs.

“Like” Your Core Customers Before Asking Them to “Like” You

The key to social media success is engagement! Take the initiative. “Like” your core customer’s Facebook posts, YouTube Videos and Tweets. Better still, add a comment or ask a question when you “like” a post. Start the conversation online.

In my experience, too many retailers use the wrong metric for evaluating social media success. It is not the number of “likes” that you accumulate. Rather, it is the number of comments on a post or the number of times that a post or a video is “shared” with other people. Look for opportunities to engage your core customers – both online and off-line.

Action Steps

  1. Seek out your core customers’ social media sites as an individual. Read and view their postings. Like and comment on these activities as appropriate.
  2. After a few months, you can invite your core customers to connect with your store’s business page: invite them to like your business on Facebook; subscribe to your store’s YouTube Channel; follow your company on Twitter, etc.
  3. Continue this engagement strategy with your core customers.
  4. Meet with your staff to evaluate the results and to strategize about the next steps to take.

This is the first in an ongoing series of articles. In the next episode, I will discuss how to integrate multiple Social Media Sites into a strategy for your Music Store.

Danny Rocks worked as an Executive in the Music Publishing industry for 29 years. In 2006, he formed The Company Rocks, a consulting and training firm. Danny consults for NAMM, the International Music Products Industry and he has trained individuals and corporations on four continents to improve the business communications skills. In addition, Danny is the author of 10 best-selling video tutorial packages that help his customers improve their skills using the Microsoft Office Suite of Programs.