Your Print Music Business Social Media Checklist

by Helen Todd, Sociality Squared

Use social media marketing to amplify and build on your current assets: expertise, community, word-of-mouth, and in-store experiences. Here’s the checklist developed by Helen Todd, CEO of Sociality Squared, for this year’s RMPDA’s “Social Media Marketing Workshop.” Follow the steps and tips for the most impactful social media actions you can implement for your print music business. The results will be marketing music to your ears! Click here to download the RPMDA Helen Todd Social Media Checklist.

Use social media to grow your print music business by doing the following with customers:

  • Sharing and reaching
  • Connecting
  • Nurturing
  • Converting


  1. What are your goals with social media? (Always start with what you’re trying to achieve!)
  2. What are your resources: team, time, budget?
  3. Are you on the right channels?
  4. Is your presence optimized on them?
  5. Do you have a visual guide/brand guidelines?
  6. Do you have internal tools: communication calendar, chain of command?
  7. Have you identified your KPIs? And set up tracking?
  8. Who is your audience? What do they care about? (Put on your customer hat!)
  9. What is your content strategy? How is it channel-specific?
  10. What can you layer onto your content strategy? Series, themes, events, promotions, news, educational content, interviews, student highlights,
  11. How are you promoting social? Integrated into all communication channels? Empowering staff?

10 Keys to Get the Most Out of Social Media

1, Quality over Quantity

It’s better to do few platforms and content well than to spread yourself too thin at the expense of quality.

a.      Platforms

Primary Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Email, and for B2B LinkedIn

Primary Location Platforms: Facebook Place Page, G+ Place Page, and Yelp Page

Secondary Platforms: Blog, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Spotify

b.      Content:

Publish consistently

  1. Facebook (hub) 3-5 posts per week
  2. Instagram (visual inspiration) Daily
  3. YouTube (search) Weekly/Monthly
  4. Email (inbox-gold) Weekly/Monthly

Share: Inspirational content

  1. Inspirational Content
  2. Educational ContentRPMDA Helen Todd Social Media Checklist
  3. Events & News
  4. Promotions

2.      Optimize

Do your customers have to work to find the information they need about your business?

  1. Custom URLS
  2. Address, hours, and contact information
  3. Links to website and other social media platforms
  4. Updated taglines and business information
  5. Call-to-action buttons
  6. YouTube <> G+ linked; Facebook <> IG business account linked
  7. Consistent and compelling cover images and avatars
  8. Create a branded hashtag

3.      Integrate all of your marketing

Do your current customers know that you’re on social media?

  1. In-store signage
  2. Email signatures
  3. Video intro/outros
  4. Flyers
  5. Emails
  6. Ads

4.      Think streams

Does your content pop in the feeds?

  1. Is your content optimized for each of the different platforms?
    1. Instagram: Square video and images; no text
    2. Facebook: Images with no text; video with strong first 3 seconds that can be watched without sound
  2. Communication calendar
    1. Use a communication calendar to map out what you’re going to post and when to populate content in the streams

5.      Is Your Content Discoverable?

  1. Facebook: Fan engagement and ads
  2. Instagram: Hashtags
    1. Relevancy is key!
      1. Industry-related
      2. Neighborhood
      3. Branded
      4. Popular, but relevant
    2. YouTube: Keywords in titles, description, category, and tags
    3. Blogs are a great way to get discovered in search and provide content to be spread across social

6.      Think Mobile-First

  1. How does your content look on mobile?
  2. If you link to your website, is your website mobile-friendly?
  3. Don’t forget about email! Send out regular emails to reach people’s inboxes, but be sure to respect the inbox!

7.      Use Images

  1. Original images – graphics or photos – are the best
  2. Make sure you have the rights to the images
  3. Don’t add text to the images
  4. Experiment with Facebook’s image tools: carousel ads, slideshows, and more
  5. Pro-tip: Facebook treats GIFs like videos!

Use Video

  1. Facebook: Test out Live Facebook Video
  2. Instagram: Test out Stories and include links!
  3. YouTube: Think “search” for all things YouTube videos

8.      Use Facebook Tools

  1. Pages
  2. Groups
  3. Messenger
  4. Ads
  5. Events
  6. Insights
  7. Pro-tip: Use Facebook pixels for advanced tracking to your website!

9.      Think Community – Offline and Local

  1. Strengthen your community and relationships online and off!
  2. Bridge on and offline by hosting events
    1. Use Facebook events
    2. Have an event hashtag
    3. Broadcast event
    4. Capture content at event to share recap album/video afterwards

10.  Engage: Reach out, Listen, and Respond

  1. Treat social like another customer service channel
  2. Identify hashtags to follow
  3. Comment in a meaningful way
  4. Like, comment, and respond to fans publicly and in direct messages
  5. Develop internal FAQs and scripts to customize

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