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RPMDA is a group like no other when it comes to idea sharing and the nurturing of lifelong business and personal relationships. Our members consider this organization to be a “second family”, a constant support for nearly all of their business needs, and one of the best investments they could ever make.  Join us and you’ll understand why!

RPMDA Convention
Apr 25-28, 2018

Raddisson Blu Mall of America
2100 Killebrew Dr
Bloomington MN 55425, US

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RPMDA 2018: Reinventing the Exhibit Floor

by Mike Watson, Remenyi Music Your RPMDA board has been hard at work assembling a fantastic assortment of educational sessions, idea sharing platforms and killer social events for our 42nd annual convention (April 25-28). This year, one of the most noticeable changes will be to the publisher exhibits. For many retailers, the opportunity to speak

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Join the RPMDA Community

When considering joining the RPMDA community, you might be thinking “Why? What do I get out of it?” Despite popular belief, Print Music departments are growing and even thriving in the music industry. Being a member of the RPMDA allows you to be part of a community that realizes that sometimes, the only way to move an industry

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Data Mining in Choral Music

By Joel Shoemake, Pine Lake Music What do Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and choral music sellers have in common? Let’s dive in and find out. Facebook took five years to turn its first profit. Amazon took six. Eleven year-old Twitter STILL hasn’t turned a profit. So why do venture capitalists continue to pour money into companies

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