Welcome to the Retail Print Music Dealers Association!

RPMDA is a group like no other when it comes to idea sharing and the nurturing of lifelong business and personal relationships. Our members consider this organization to be a “second family”, a constant support for nearly all of their business needs, and one of the best investments they could ever make.  Join us and you’ll understand why!

RPMDA Convention
May 1-4, 2019

Hyatt Regency Mission Bay
San Diego, California

Friday Night at the Ballpark Hosted by Kjos Music

By Karl Kjos Everyone at the Neil A Kjos Music Company is thrilled to have all of our friends from RPMDA come to our hometown of San Diego. With a packed schedule of professional development, networking, and inspirational talks, we wanted to host an event that would be fun, interesting, and show off some what

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RPMDA 2019: Raise Your Print Music Game

by Mike Watson, Remenyi Music & RPMDA Vice President, Program Chair Without a doubt, the cornerstone of a successful trade gathering is a broad choice of first-class professional development sessions. And in this regard, no event gives you a better bang for your buck than the RPMDA Convention. With session topics relevant to both the

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Join us at NAMM HQ and the Museum of Marking Music

Here’s another great reason to join us at this year’s RPMDA Convention—a visit to NAMM HQ and the Museum of Making Music! (And it’s FREE!) Our entire group will travel from the hotel along the Pacific Coast, up to NAMM HQ, which sits overlooking the Pacific in Carlsbad, CA. Once there, we will be greeted

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