Welcome to the Retail Print Music Dealers Association!

RPMDA is a group like no other when it comes to idea sharing and the nurturing of lifelong business and personal relationships. Our members consider this organization to be a “second family”, a constant support for nearly all of their business needs, and one of the best investments they could ever make.  Join us and you’ll understand why!

RPMDA Convention
May 1-4, 2019

Hyatt Regency Mission Bay
San Diego, California


J.W. Pepper Spotlight

For those of you who missed the tour of J.W. Pepper’s Atlanta distribution center at the RPMDA convention a few years ago, you can check out this great feature on Fox Business where they filmed a tour of their facilities. It is fantastic to see such a professional and positive view of an industry that

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RPMDA 2019: A Harbor of Great Ideas

by Mike Watson, Remenyi Music Last month, your RPMDA board met in San Diego to lay the groundwork for our upcoming 43rd annual convention (May 1-4, 2019). Amidst the beautiful Southern Californian climate and with a host property fronting directly onto Mission Bay, we’ll have plenty of outdoor space to enjoy at our convention next

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NAMM Tribute Program

by Dan Del Fiorentino Throughout the year we have lost many friends, mentors, and colleagues in all areas of the music industry. The print world was hit particularly hard with the passing of Mary Jean Edstrom and Glenda Herro from Hal Leonard, Kurt Kaiser from Word Publishing and Mr. and Mrs. Will Schmid. During the

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